Linkpost: An Introduction to Economic Complexity

This is a linkpost to a piece I wrote on the Telescope blog for the ArtSciLab. I have written about Economic Complexity and you can read it here: An Introduction to Economic Complexity. As the abstract of the post says: “This blog post explains the theory of Economic Complexity(EC). We detail the construct of EC by laying out its assumptions and predictions. We describe its operationalization by explicating the linear algebraic formulation of the ‘Method of Reflections’. Finally, we critique this rich theory by pointing out its inherent contradiction in lacking micro foundations.

The piece is supposed to serve as a stepping stone to a project on innovation studies that the lab is working on. So stay tuned for more on this project soon! In the meanwhile we are eager for comments on Economic Complexity. Please DM me on my LinkedIn or fill in this Microsoft form to share any feedback.